Perception Is Nine-Tenths Of Reality, Unless It’s More

There once a mayor of a certain city who was beset on all sides by people talking about high crime in the city, dysfunctional city departments, problems everywhere.  The city was actually in fairly good shape in most areas, but the perception was that it was crumbling. The mayor kept reporting on statistics showing relatively low crime rates, improvements made by city agencies, good things happening, but his opponent in the upcoming election kept riding the perception, and rolled to an easy victory. The mayor never understood that once perception gets set in, it essentially becomes reality, and no amount of statistics will convince people otherwise. Simplistic slogans are served by perceptions.

I’m not saying this is an exact parallel to what has been happening. But I am saying that there are lots of perceptions out there – critical race theory, Federal takeover of education, defund the police, etc. – and if Democrats try to fight it by just quoting facts without going after the perceptions, they’ll end up just like that former mayor, who despite good ideas and good intentions was washed away, never to be seen again. It isn’t enough to quote facts and say “I don’t understand how you can believe otherwise”; you’ve got to dig deep enough and honestly enough to figure out why they believe the malarkey (but don’t call it malarkey). The End.

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