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Tuesday, 23 September 2003, 8:23 | Category : Books
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Someone once asked me (an adult person, BTW) why I went to the library. I wasn’t sure how to answer. I mean, beyond the obvious – to get books – how do you answer a question like that? What they were really asking was, why do you read books? My response should have been (but probably wasn’t), “Why don’t you?” I’ve always read. I’m often reading on more than one book at a time. I always have a stack by the bed. And I read books on many, many topics, although history and science are probably my most-often read books. So, I thought I would begin offering a few recommendations from time to time.

Here’s a few:

A World Lit Only By Fire, by William Manchester – a history of the period from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance
Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood Of 1927 And How It Changed America, by John Barry – a fascinating read on not just the flood, but flood controls efforts on the Mississippi back to the 1800s and the society along the river
Sarum, Edward Rutherford – “the Novel of England”, it traces the story of a place – the Salisbury Plain – from the Ice Age forward

More later….

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  1. 1scott

    Flowood has a cool library. Jeanie takes the kids for story time, which they love. You can get all sorts of stuff there, not just books. Tapes, DVD’s, all that stuff. Books are indeed the best though. I’m like you, generally reading a bunch of stuff at any one time, books everywhere. I tend more toward the classics, but enjoy history and biographies as well. I’m a sucker for anything Louis Lamour, too. I’m really trying to get time to read Plutarch’s “Lives”, but haven’t found it yet.