The Lords Of The Manor Aren’t Happy

From this article in Slate:

In today’s topsy-turvy job market, a strange new thing is happening. Employers are increasingly grumbling about job seekers “ghosting” them. These job candidates just don’t show up for their scheduled interviews. And in some cases, new hires accept a job only to disappear.

I know it’s not an exact correspondence, but if I had a dollar for every time a potential employer took my application without ever responding, even after inquiries, I’d have a bunch of dollars. If the pandemic causes a fundamental reshuffling of the relationship between employer and employee, if it pushes the balance back towards employees, if it revitalizes unions, then that will be a good thing. If it forces a higher minimum wage, even if it’s de facto and not de jure, then that will be a good thing. Right now workers have, if not the upper hand, at least a strong hand to play, and they should play it.

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