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Driving through a Mississippi spring

I drove to our North Regional Office today, a roughly 3-hour excursion up I-55 to Oxford, MS. One of those bluebird days that makes you remember why you stay in Mississippi: clear, deep blue skies, warm sunshine, and a landscape that’s practically vibrating with new growth. And I was reminded once again what makes Mississippi different from so many other states. Green is everywhere. An incredible array of textures, shades, tones. The most creative human artist could never select and use so many shades of green. Their imagination would run dry long before they approached the diversity that nature routinely paints upon her canvas. In Mississippi, it’s mid-spring. The early bulbs – snowdrops, wild narcissus and jonquils, escapees from old homesites, have pretty much finished blooming. Crimson clover is beginning to bloom, along with roadside wildflowers in wide swaths of ywllow and blue (It’s a little odd that we have few orange and red spring-flowering wildflowers). But these are just window dressing. Right now, it’s the domain of green. And that’s without the kudzu, which is still brown from winter.