The Moon-Spinners

This is strange, I guess, but a movie that has stuck with me since I was young is “The Moon-Spinners”. It came out when I was 10, starring Hayley Mills and Eli Wallach, but that isn’t why I remember it. I mean, I was 10, and my absolute knowledge that Hayley Mills was the perfect girl was a couple of years away. No, the reason I remember the movie is based completely on one scene:

And here’s the thing – I’ve never seen the movie. Maybe I saw an ad for it, or maybe my family was watching it and I walked through – it was a Disney movie, so I’m sure at some point it was on television. But other than my unfortunate experience with “Sleeping Beauty”, when as a 5-year-old I apparently tried to hide under the theater seat during the dragon scene, it’s the earliest movie I remember. And I never realized it was set in and filmed in Crete, although I recognized the similarity to that windmill when I was in the Greek Isles in 2014. This photo was taken on Mykonos, not Crete, but it’s the same style, just without the sails deployed:

I guess at some point before the end of things I should watch that movie.

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