What Makes Bush-haters So Mad?

Monday, 15 September 2003, 21:06 | Category : Politics
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Jim asks; I’ll answer, somewhat. And I won’t even bring up the hijacked election. Let’s start with the energy policy. The Bush administration refuses to even say who was consulted in the development of this policy. They refuse to release any details of the meetings Cheney had with this mysterious group. What seems to be evident is that the Bush energy plan consistes of two things: drill and drill some more. Energy isn’t the biggest reason for the distrust and dislike of the Bushies, but it was one of the earliest examples of what has become a trend: the lack of accountability and closed-door modus operandi of this administration.

Yes, our military was victorious in campaigns against two lethal, but much less powerful, enemies. But what of the aftermath? Particularly with Iraq, Bush has squandered the international goodwill that was garnered by the 9/11 attacks, precisely because of his unilateral decision to invade, in the face of very questionable intelligence and against the advice and positions of much of the world. Now, we have a borderline quagmire in Iraq and a detoriating situation in Afghanistan, and he seems surpised that the rest of the world isn’t rushing in to help stabilize the country. And we’re being asked to write yet another blank check to rebuild Iraqi infrastructure, when so many infrastructure needs in this country are ignored. He has taken budget surpluses and made them into record deficits, by forcing through tax cuts that polls showed the American people did not want, especially if those cuts would mean greater deficits. John Ashcroft’s Justice Department has covered over the rights of many people with the same ease they covered statues. And over all this, the administration has operated with a smug arrogance, vilifying those who oppose Bush policies as un-American at best. And they wonder why people are mad? I wonder why it took so long! It’s like there are millions of Stepford voters out there, entranced while they mumble “Bush good!” So Jim, I hope you really do like Bush, because you’ll be paying, literally, for his policies for years to come. David Stockman came to understand the lie that has been Republican fiscal policy for 25 years; how high will the deficits have to go before the public calls this administration on it?

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  1. 1G Germany

    Dubya doesn’t want to just drill, drill drill, he also wants to invade any under used oil fields for his buddies at Halliburton.
    Who needs all that health care, prescription drugs and clean air crap anyway?