Weekly Conference Call Hell

So once again I’m sitting here on the weekly conference call for this one project I’m on.  This is one of those projects that makes me a firm believer in past lives and karma, and also that in a past life I must have done some bad, bad things.  It has been essentially the same call for over a year – the client has the same problems, they’re going to do the same things to address those, they’re always about to do those things, but week after week they haven’t been done.  And there’s one person on the call who I call Acid Trip Girl, because it’s like listening to someone on an acid trip. If I took a drink every time she mentions stored procedures I would be laying out dead drunk every Thursday afternoon. It’s a classic case of “why use ten words to explain when I cane use a hundred”.  But it isn’t nice to talk about people so I’ll stop.

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  1. Berial says:

    Thumbs up.

    Go to your happy place.

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