Ghost In The Garage

One of my garage doors has been occasionally jamming for a while. I’d figured out that the bottom roller on one side was for some reason working its way out of the back of the bracket and getting crosswise, so when it jammed again when we got home from a trip this weekend I decided to go ahead and fix it. The bracket had gotten slightly torqued and there was stress on the bottom screw, and when I backed it out with my drill it shot off across the garage. I put the new roller in, replaced the bracket and one screw, and started looking for the missing one. I looked inside and outside the garage, with no luck. At one point, the door into the house opened slightly (it was windy this morning), and I went over and pulled it to, then resumed looking for the screw. A couple of minutes later, the door opened slightly again. Knowing my wife hates for that door to be open, I went over again to shut it, and there right in the center of the doorway was the screw I was looking for. Maybe it was coincidence. But I like to think I have a resident Casper, who figured I could use a bit of help this morning.

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