Trackping Spammer Hell

Spammers are using a new method to spread their crap – trackback pings. 40 pings last night. To clean the mess up using MT and mysql:

delete from mt_tbping where tbping_title = “online poker”;

(or “online casino”)

I guess I need to look for a plug-in to block trackback pings now 🙁

February 1, 2005 · Harry · 3 Comments
Posted in: Geek Stuff

3 Responses

  1. jim - February 1, 2005

    I got about that many last night too, sucks. I went and found a new WordPress plugin, we’ll see if it works. I’d hate to have to turn off all trackbacks.

  2. chris - February 1, 2005

    Jim, let me know, I got hit by the same spammer.

    I just turned off the execute bit on mt-tb.cgi for now. Sad.

  3. Steve Casburn - February 4, 2005

    Harry: I got hit my the same spammers, but MT 3.1x has a much better interface than 2.6x for deleting comments and trackbacks wholesale, so it only took me about five minutes to clean it all up.