Pickup Truck Rant

Toyota has rolled out the 2005 Tacoma, a new version of their compact pickup. So has Nissan, with the Frontier. Chevrolet has the Colorado, basically the next-generation S-10. Dodge has the redesigned Dakota. And Honda is bringing out their first truck, the Ridgeline. What’s missing from this list? Ford Motor Company, which for some reason is choosing to sit out the crew-cab compact market (The SportTrac notwithstanding – it’s not a pickup, it’s a Sport Utility Truck, neither fish nor fowl, but foul nonetheless). Except for Honda, which is just entering the fray, all the other companies have been through two redesign cycles since Ford brought out the current Ranger design in 1993. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Rangers. I’m on my second now. But there’s almost no chance I’ll buy a third, because when I replace my 2000 Supercab, I’ll be looking for a crewcab. And I won’t want to wait until 2008, or whenever it is the Ranger is due. It’s not that Ford doesn’t have a Crewcab Ranger – they sell one in Indonesia as well as other countries. But they won’t build it in the US. Ford may have a better idea, but I’m not sure they have a clue.

January 28, 2005 В· Harry В· Comments Closed
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