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Technofrustration Level: High

Technofrustration #1: I’ve installed a new PCI I/O board in my Sun E4500, along with a PCI UltraSCSI card on the board. If I insert the card while the system is powered on, at the boot prompt, it recognizes that there’s a new board in the system. But when I reset the system so it can pick up the board, it decides it doesn’t recognize the board. I’ve tried reseating the board; I’ve tried installing it in a different slot. No joy. I’ve checked and double-checked the jumpers, they seem OK. But no joy from the board.

Technofrustration #2: trying to find and configure the correct client to connect to a DB2 UDB Version 7 database so I can migrate the database objects into my Oracle databases. Just trying to navigate the IBM website is a nightmare – I swear they must design it to be confusing and dead-end-ish. I had grabbed what I thought was the correct client, but got this snippish little message saying I was trying to connect to a Version 7 database using a Version 8 client, and certainly I didn’t really mean to do that! I finally got an email from someone who pointed me to what may be the correct client (the URL of which is never referenced, as far as I can tell, on the IBM support site), but now the migration tool doesn’t seem to find JDBC. It did before. !@&!&*!!!!!!!

Update – the DB2 driver started working. Why, I’m not sure – or why it didn’t at first, I’m not sure. I opened the environment variables – didn’t change anything, just opened it, opened the CLASSPATH variable for editing but made no changes, then closed it. Reopened the migration tool and it connected. Technofrustration level lower!

Second Update – there’s a Flash PROM update from Sun that appears to be related to this: “T(rhfa) timing violation causing devices behind pci-pci bridge not probed”. So tonight, I’ll apply that PROM update and see what happens.

Third Update – I applied the Flash PROM update, and it still won’t recognize the board. Technofrustration level rising…..

Almost Final Update – after talking with Sun, it was determined that the UltraSCSI card on the new board was not the correct card for the E4500. Sun is sending a replacement card.

2 thoughts on “Technofrustration Level: High

  1. I know you’re working on some proprietary hardware, but is it possible to instead of using a client to migrate your database, you just wrote a script that connected to the two databases and fed information from one to the other?

    I don’t know how you’d do it on a Sun, but on my PC, I tend to write VB scripts (you could certainly do it in perl or PHP). You can do a lot of work very quickly that way.

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