Field Trips

Headed to work yesterday, I saw a line of school buses leaving the local elementary school. Judging by the time (mid-morning), I guessed they were headed off on a field trip. And it took me back many, many years to elementary school and field trips we took. I don’t know what kind of field trips elementary school kids might go on now, and I suspect they aren’t like the ones we took. I remember going to the Coca-Cola plant, and a dairy, and several museums. But the one I remember most vividly was the trip to a local bread bakery – in those days (early 1960s), bread was made locally; now, I have no idea where it’s made. By “bread”, I mean what’s sold on major chain grocery stores. I know there are small specialty bakeries in the area, but I don’t think there’s a major brand bakery in my city anymore. Another thing that falls in the category of “Days Gone By”. But back then we had several bakeries – Colonial and Hardin Bread for sure. In fact, there’s a surplus building supply store in the old Hardin Bakery building, and on occasion I find myself there. You can wander through the old rooms, now piled high with doors and cabinets and flooring, but if you look hard enough you can see the ghosts of rising bread. That may have been the bakery we went to on the field trip I remember – it’s in the right part of town – but there’s something that tells me we went to the Colonial Bakery, which has been gone for years, replaced by a parking lot just south of downtown. But what makes the field trip stand out is the little loaf of bread they gave us as we were leaving, in its own little bag, a miniature version of what you would have seen in the grocery store. I just thought that was the coolest thing, and I wonder if bakeries still give tours to elementary school students, and if they give them those little loaves of bread. For me, it made a memory that’s lasted a lifetime.

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