Using Old Potting Soil

I’m emptying/refreshing a bunch of pots this year, and I’ve gotten quite a bit of used potting soil. What should I do with it? I’ve thought of 4 possibilities:

1) Add it to the compost pile. My concern here is that it might “overwhelm” the compost, unless I could find lots of green stuff to add along with it – plus, it’s really going to add more than my current structure can hold.

2) Start a “potting soil compost” bin, holding (mostly) just the potting soil.

3) Get a couple of big garbage cans, dump it in, and use it for later pots or to add to pots that have settled.

4) Add it to raised garden beds.

Are any of these good/bad? Got any other ideas?

May 3, 2014 В· Harry В· No Comments
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