McDonald’s New Bacon Clubhouse Burger Judged, Found…

no better than their other burgers, unfortunately. It amazes me how a chain that is synonymous with “burger” has such terrible hamburgers. The basic single hamburger is the best burger on their menu, and that’s because it’s that one with the least burger to it. I can only think of one place where I’ve had a worse hamburger, and that was years ago at a small local chain in south Mississippi which shall remain nameless. I thought maybe McDonald’s had gotten a clue with this:

McDonalds Bacon Clubhouse Burger

I mean, it looks pretty decent, right? Look at the fresh lettuce, those crisp strips of bacon, that glistening gourmet bun!! But alas, the reality was a big hunk of tasteless tomato, limp lettuce, limper bacon, and a bun that was just thicker bread than their normal bun. And a slab of that industrial-tasting McDonald’s beef-like substance. At least the fries were good.

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2 Responses to McDonald’s New Bacon Clubhouse Burger Judged, Found…

  1. Berial says:

    Wards! It was Wards wasn’t it!

  2. Harry says:

    Ain’t sayin’ nuthin’

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