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Care And Feeding Of A Blog

James Joyner at Outside The Beltway has a nice post about blogging – how to start one, how to grow it. He links to a series written by Joe Carter at The Evangelical Outpost, and includes a series of posts he’s written. Good stuff (even if my comments never seem to show up on OTB posts, maybe he has a right-wing litmus test!)

My organizationally-challenged mind has yet to decide what Kudzu Files is all about, which should come as no surprise to the ones of readers I have on a given day. I know the Aunt Mable stories leave some of you confused – hey, they’re just stuff I wrote, OK?

One thought on “Care And Feeding Of A Blog

  1. It is my considered opinion that the day we “figure out what these things are about” will be the day they cease to be any fun.

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