It’s Cold!

It’s 9:30 Friday morning, and it’s 24F outside. It’s been cold for a couple of days now, since the temperature plunged from 55F to 35F in 30 minutes late Wednesday afternoon. Since it went below 32F around 7PM Wednesday night, it hasn’t gotten above freezing. OK, I know some of you live in northern states like Illinois and Wisconsin and Utah and Canada, and you guys have cold weather all the time, like from September until June. That’s your problem. I can’t help that. Here’s the deal – it’s cold here! And in Mississippi, that creates a bit of a problem. See, we really don’t know what to do about it. We have this vague idea we should put on a coat. For most of us, that coat is something akin to a lined windbreaker. So we do that, and we’re still cold. Some of us even think a hat should be involved, but for most Mississippians, a hat means a baseball cap with ‘Mississippi State’ or ‘Ole Miss’ written on the front, or maybe “John Deere”. And so we put that on, and we’re still cold. And I’m talking about temperatures of 40 degrees! So, when the temperature goes below freezing, and stays there, the result is a sort of weather anarchy. And two things happen: you go wrap rags around your outdoor water faucet, because mama called and asked if you had done that, and then you go to the grocery store and buy lots of food. It’s like a funeral, when Southerners don’t know exactly what they should do, they start cooking. We may freeze, but the people who find us will eat well. Beyond that, we’re pretty much at a loss. We stop doing anything outside, other than racing to our cars if we do have to go somewhere. We turn the heater up and huddle under blankets, like survivors of some Ice Age catastrophe. And we wonder why anybody in their right mind would live north of Memphis.

2 thoughts on “It’s Cold!

  1. Some of us throw another log in the heater and smile because we know our electric bill will be way cheaper this month. The colder the better! You can cook a mean biscuit on that heater, too. Wood heat for life!

  2. Came to see you because of Michele! It’s up to 34 here but I hear it will go into the teens tonight. I think it’s no problem when you’re used to it! I like that the cats stay inside and I like having seasons. Something to look forward to… Have a great holiday!

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