Words of advice to husbands everywhere

Monday, 29 November 2004, 8:17 | Category : Other Stuff
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If you set a mouse trap under the kitchen sink, don’t forget that you put it there. Because on a Sunday night years and years later, your wife will decide to clean out the area under the sink, and the ensuing contact scenario will not be pretty.

(I was pretty amazed at how well-reserved the subject of the trap was, however).

(I probably shouldn’t have said that to her, however however)

5 Comments for “Words of advice to husbands everywhere”

  1. 1Pink Poppy

    NO WAY! So, had you caught the mouse (which she found with her hand–YIKES!) or did you catch her finger? You would have been on the couch with me either way! Or rather I would have SENT you to the couch WITHOUT ME either way. Go hug your wife…she’s a better woman than I.

  2. 2Harry

    The mouse was caught long ago, trap was snapped. So the only danger was the psychological one!

  3. 3Pink Poppy

    That is SUCH good news…I’m happy for both of you. So back to the “panic” post–would she have acted like me if her finger HAD been ‘caught’, or would she still have been calm. This bothered me all the way through tonight’s Cub Scout Pack meeting. After having read that post, I feel SO ‘UNprepared’ for traumatic events. Like getting caught in a mousetrap, for instance.

  4. 4Harry

    If her finger had been caught, the wrath would have been both long-lasting, and unimaginable. I shudder to think about it!

  5. 5Pink Poppy

    OK, NOW I can rest… Thanks for the quick reply. It might have been a long night for me otherwise.