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Be aware, if you ever order from, that there’s a rash of fraudulent e-delivered iTunes cards being ordered, and that because claims they can’t track who really makes these purchases, you’re stuck paying for it. I’ve spent two months disputing two charges with Mastercard and Walmart, and each claims it’s up to the other to make good on the loss. And at this point, both have now told me that they will not reimburse me. Walmart knows there’s a problem – the agent just told me this on the phone – but their policy is to never reimburse. So, buy from at your own risk. And make sure your credit card information isn’t stored there.

Here’s the details:

On August 5, 2012, my wife got 2 emails from thanking her for buying 2 iTunes gift cards. We immediately called Mastercard, and they told us to call, which we did. The charges were still “Pending” at this time. We explained what happened, and the agent told us she would turn it over to the fraud department. We never heard anything from Walmart. I then officially disputed the charges with Mastercard. After about a month, we got two thick letters with all this “documentation” from Walmart showing the purchase, and Mastercard informed us the charges were considered legitimate. I disputed this finding, and then, since I had the iTunes redemption codes for the cards, contacted Apple to see who had redeemed the cards. Within a half-hour, Apple had sent a response with the redeeming email address (, so I sent this information to Walmart and Mastercard. The response by Mastercard was that they considered the charges legitimate and as far as they were concerned, the case was closed. Then today, Walmart told me they never reimburse, it’s up to the bank to do that.

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  1. Billy Mitchell - November 7, 2012

    Time to resume my Walmart boycott! I’ve been waiting for some inspiration.

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