Dry no more

T.S Matthew jumped up from the Gulf late in the week, and since Friday night he’s brought a soaking rain to central Mississippi. Rain that we badly needed. I’m writing this holed up in the screen porch I built a few years ago. It’s a perfect Sunday afternoon – I’ve got a small TV to watch the football games, a chaise lounge to kick back on, a good book to read when I decide to ignore the game for a while, and it’s just cool and breezy enough that a light blanket feels good. But what I’ve been listening to the past hour or so is the sound of a raint autumn afternoon. And it’s a complex set of sounds. The most obvious is the rain hitting the metal roof of the porch. But there are other strains playing in this symphony. The muted plunks of rain hitting soggy ground. The lighter sounds of rain on leaves. The wind blowing through those leaves. The drip of rain off he roof into the puddles that have formed. Ths splashing of rain on the surface of the goldfish pond beside the porch. And the deeper sound that somes when a stronger wind blows through more distant trees. If I concentrate, I can almost focus on one strain, but then the wind or rain picks up, or both, and the individual strain recedes again. Diminuendo, Crescendo. Perfect Sunday afternoon.

October 10, 2004 В· Harry В· Comments Closed
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