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Return of the Bufflehead Ring-Necked Duck. Or Maybe It’s A Scaup.

There’s a pond that I often go by on my morning walks. Every year there’s at least one pair of mallard ducks that set up housekeeping and raise a family. Last year there were two families. But several years ago the mallards were joined by a small diving duck with a black head and black […]

January 27, 2016 · Harry · 2 Comments
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There’s an old cemetery that I’ve walked through on occasion – a couple of times when I was helping to clean up and plant some antique roses among the headstones, a couple of times when I was just walking around. The cemetery dates back to the 1820s, and holds the remains of several Mississippi governors […]

January 24, 2016 · Harry · One Comment
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I Know…

this theme looks horrible. I’ll fix it.

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Days Of Future Past

Once upon a time, there was an airline called Trans World Airlines, or TWA. And once upon a time, this airline built a futuristic terminal in New York’s John F. Kennedy airport, just in time for the New York World’s Fair. It was a different time in America, a time when architecture made grand statements […]

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Wondering Why I’m Here – A Blog Examines Itself

Please shut up: Why self-promotion as an author doesn’t work. This is so true. Now, I’m neither an author nor a reviewer, so my thoughts here are really in foreign territory (unless I do manage to finish my latest project and it does something other that occupy bits on my laptop). But my blog will […]

January 19, 2016 · Harry · 6 Comments
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