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The Most Dangerous Man In America

OK, not really. Or mostly not really. Except maybe in the fiscal sense. I’m talking about Grover Norquist. In the past quarter-century, he has probably done more to distort US fiscal policy than anyone. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a low-taxes policy. But when it’s wielded like a mace in all situations, it isn’t a […]

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Lame Ducks And Dead Polar Bears

Congress returns to work today, and we’ll once again be treated to a nearly endless series of “lame duck” proclamations. They have 16 days to accomplish something, or do nothing, or waddle somewhere in between. And despite what you’ve heard, it isn’t all about the fiscal cliff (a term I already hate with something approaching […]

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Getting To 60

One of the real surprises of Election Night was the added strength of Senate Democrats. While going in, Republicans had hopes of taking over the Senate, when the dust finally settled by mid-day on Wednesday, Democrats had actually gained 2 seats, giving them 53, with 2 more seats held by independents (Sanders in Vermont and […]

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Bad Times At

Be aware, if you ever order from, that there’s a rash of fraudulent e-delivered iTunes cards being ordered, and that because claims they can’t track who really makes these purchases, you’re stuck paying for it. I’ve spent two months disputing two charges with Mastercard and Walmart, and each claims it’s up to the […]

November 6, 2012 · Harry · One Comment
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Poems, Prayers, and Promises

John Denver released an album by this name in 1971, which pretty much set him on his way. The title song had the lines How long it’s been since yesterday And what about tomorrow What about our dreams And all the memories we share Tomorrow morning, if the results are known, one side or the […]

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