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On Polls, Cell Phones, And Storms

One week before the election, and the race looks tighter than ever. Polls are all clustered right around a dead heat, with some showing Obama ahead by a point or two, some showing Romney ahead by a point or two, and some deadlocked. But are the polls reliable? This post at The Moderate Voice got […]

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While I Was Out

During my prolonged mostly-absence from blogging, I lost track of most of the people I used to follow and correspond with. In the past few weeks, I’ve begun to try and track some of these people down, to see if they’re still blogging. Not surprisingly, not many are still “out there”. One person I had […]

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Looking For Blogs

I seem to be spending more time here and less on Facebook. I would say I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, but that’s not correct. It’s more of a like/hate relationship. I post there, but sometimes it leaves me feeling cheap and a bit sleazy. So I’ve been finding myself back here more and […]

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The Dog Stars

I saw The Dog Stars in a local bookstore recently – I have to admit the cover is what drew me, it reminded me of the star maps in a stargazing book I had as a kid – and asked one of the ladies behind the counter what she knew about it. She recommended it […]

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Whiny Babies

When I read this piece on Truthdig by Alexander Reed Kelly, which referred to an article in the November Harper’s Magazine by economist Jeff Madrick saying that entitlements aren’t the problem causing our deficits, too-low tax rates are the problem, it reminded me of something I wrote a couple of years ago: Yesterday President Obama […]

October 25, 2012 · Harry · One Comment
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