Into Every Life, A Little Rain May Fall

Sunday, 13 May 2012, 22:14 | Category : Gardening
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A few days ago, I planted the pots by my front door with some bright pink coleus, pink petunias, and dark red dracena. Friday afternoon, I decided I wanted a completely different combination on those pots, and I wanted that pink combination in a different pot elsewhere. So I bought what I wanted to replace them with – Kimberly Queen ferns, red petunias, and green sweet potato vine, and decided I’d spend Saturday morning redoing the pots, along with planting a bunch of caladiums, calla lilies, and other stuff. The plan worked well for about an hour, then the rain started, a few hours earlier than I hoped/expected. But it was a pleasant rain, cool but not cold, not pouring down – but not a gentle mist either. I decided to slip on my rain jacket, slip off my shoes, and keep on working. My wife, wondering where I was, came looking for me, and found me:

But like I said, it wasn’t really raining all that hard, and I had things to do!

I have to admit, not long after this, the rain started coming down pretty hard, and I was pretty much soaked by this point, so I decided I’d gotten done most of what I wanted. We ended up with about 3 1/2 inches of rain, most of which fell later in the afternoon. And after the pots I planted have recovered from the deluge, I’ll post some photos.

Achillea Time

Friday, 11 May 2012, 8:28 | Category : Gardening
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Achillea in bloom

The achillea in my front bed is in full bloom right now, staging a accompaniment for the daylilies just beginning. A late cool snap (not that cool, but lows in the upper 50s and highs around 80) induced me to take a day off yesterday and play in the garden. I planted a number of bulbs – caladiums, calla lilies, stargazer lilies, along with some salvias, euphorbia, and zinnias in my annual bed in front (mostly annuals – I have moved some daylilies there to allow them to recover from being planted in a space that got too shady for them. I’ve found that daylilies tend to sulk when they have too much shade). I also dug out a large patch of cannas by the pool in back, that had gotten too overgrown for that space, and a crepe myrtle that I just no longer liked.

I did, however, find a very sad fairy in the front bed:

Sad fairy

Why is she sad, you ask? Because there, right at her feet, she expected to see some Rudbeckia hirta “Cherry Brandy” some back up this spring. I ordered three from Bluestone Perennials last spring, and while they struggled a bit last year, I expected to see them this year. But no sign of them ever appeared. Neither did the Rudbeckia hirta “Cherokee Sunset” that I also ordered, but since those had pretty much disappeared by the end of last summer, I didn’t really expect to see them again.