Heat Zone Gardening

Saturday, 18 June 2011, 19:08 | Category : Gardening
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It’s still unseasonably hot, even for Mississippi.  Daily highs have been stuck in the 98-100 F range for several weeks, and still no rain.  The last measurable rain on my garden was May 5.  And by measurable I mean not even 1/10 of an inch during that time.  I’m having to water constantly – almost every day sees somewhere in my yard or garden is seeing the sprinkler.  But I’m able, so far, to keep things alive and growing.  The corn is up, about 8-10″:


And the beans I planted near some of the corn are coming up. The idea is to let the bean vines grow up the corn stalks.

Corn and pole beans

The yellow crookneck squash is up and looking good so far. No vine borers yet!

Yellow squash

And the pole beans, which I just planted last weekend, are up and all excited about having a new trellis to grow upon:

The tomatoes are growing nicely, but only a couple of flowers yet. I think the heat has really snuffed their enthusiasm:


And last, but not least, the first bloom on the cucumbers: