Looking Back And Looking Ahead

Monday, 3 January 2011, 20:53 | Category : Gardening
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Each spring and summer for the past two years, we’ve had our house on the market. Yes, we picked the worst time in recent history to try to sell, but in each case, there was a house we found that we wanted. In neither case did we sell. But the effect on my gardening was drastic – I spent the past two gardening seasons planting things and doing things that our realtor thought would appeal to potential buyers. Potential buyers, I take it, want pretty boring gardens. Really, they want expanses of grass with little green worms surrounding the house. That isn’t my house; my yard looks like this:

But I did what I could, planting annuals instead of refreshing my perennial beds, putting all my gnomes and fairies and other bits of garden art in storage, and generally making my yard as bland as possible. And no vegetable garden. It was not a satisfying two years from a gardening standpoint. All of that, however, is behind me. We’ve decided to stay here – it’s a good location, we really don’t need more house than we have, and we’re eight years from paying it off. So I’m going to be renewing much of my garden over the next year, and the thought of that excites me. And my gnomes are ecstatic.