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I’d Rather Be Gardening

But we decided last weekend that it was time to tackle the garage. When we first had our house up for sale two years ago, we de-cluttered and moved lots of things – furniture, books, all kinds of stuff – to a storage room. Last year, we got tired of paying the rent for the […]

January 19, 2011 · Harry · One Comment
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Walmart Hates Bananas

I said I wouldn’t do it again. I knew not to do it again. But I did it again anyway, and now I’m back to saying I’ll never do that again. “Never buy bananas from Walmart, Harry!” Walmart mugs their bananas. Saving a few cents a pound isn’t worth it when you have to throw […]

January 13, 2011 · Harry · No Comments
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One Year In 2 Minutes

A very cool video from Oslo, Norway… One year in 2 minutes from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

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They Said There Would Be Snow

OK, they (the weather people) said there might be snow, and sleet, and freezing rain. They said there would definitely be a mix of some of that, and it would be nasty. If snow, maybe 4″ (don’t laugh, that qualifies as a blizzard in Mississippi); if ice, possibly up to an inch accumulation. That would […]

January 9, 2011 · Harry · 3 Comments
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Starting Over

I mentioned that after having our house for sale, I was ready to get back to gardening for me. Us. Me. It will actually be even more of a blank slate, because of some foundation work we’re having done. I had planted some nandina on the side of the house to screen the air conditioner […]

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