I’d Rather Be Gardening

Wednesday, 19 January 2011, 16:12 | Category : Gardening, House
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But we decided last weekend that it was time to tackle the garage. When we first had our house up for sale two years ago, we de-cluttered and moved lots of things – furniture, books, all kinds of stuff – to a storage room. Last year, we got tired of paying the rent for the storage, and moved it all back to our garage, where it has been ever since. We couldn’t get either car in there – we could barely walk through there – so this past Saturday we began sifting through. We spent all Saturday, much of Sunday, and all Monday dealing with it. Five trips to Goodwill and six garbage bags later, we had it down to a few small remnants and one unruly corner huddled in the back corner. We had to do it now in preparation for our kitchen and laundry remodeling that we think will start in the next couple of weeks. We’ll (hopefully!) set up a temporary kitchen of sorts in the garage, with at least a microwave and our Coleman camp stove. Maybe we can make it the five or six weeks the remodeling should take.

There’s all sorts of gardening things I need to be doing, and now that the foundation contractor is done, I have no further excuses (except for finishing the garage). The Texas Everbearing fig needs to be pruned severely – it got totally out of hand last year. I have a rooting from the fig that needs to be planted. I still have tulip bulbs that haven’t been planted. My two Graham Thomas roses that have been in pots since last winter have to find a home. And I have to do something with the front of the house. Maybe this weekend…

Walmart Hates Bananas

Thursday, 13 January 2011, 9:18 | Category : Life
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I said I wouldn’t do it again. I knew not to do it again. But I did it again anyway, and now I’m back to saying I’ll never do that again. “Never buy bananas from Walmart, Harry!” Walmart mugs their bananas. Saving a few cents a pound isn’t worth it when you have to throw a third or a half of the banana away because it’s bruised and mushy. Whatever it is Walmart does to their bananas, Kroger doesn’t. Kroger loves bananas, Walmart hates them.

One Year In 2 Minutes

Wednesday, 12 January 2011, 9:34 | Category : Environment, Weather
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A very cool video from Oslo, Norway…

One year in 2 minutes from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

They Said There Would Be Snow

Sunday, 9 January 2011, 18:02 | Category : Gardening, Weather
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OK, they (the weather people) said there might be snow, and sleet, and freezing rain. They said there would definitely be a mix of some of that, and it would be nasty. If snow, maybe 4″ (don’t laugh, that qualifies as a blizzard in Mississippi); if ice, possibly up to an inch accumulation. That would be nasty. Normally, I would think snow would be nice. We rarely get snow (although we did last February). Ice, not so much – I remember several ice storms in the 80s that left us without power for days. But I would prefer none of it right now. Our yard is a mess already from the foundation work, and there’s a huge pile of dirt plus a bobcat tractor in the front yard. By Wednesday, it (the foundation work) should all be over, if snow/ice/sleet/freezing rain doesn’t mess up the schedule. Then we’ll start on the kitchen remodel, which will last probably 5-6 weeks. I’ll be starting the garden remodel while the contractor is working on the kitchen. Many ideas, many thoughts, probably more than I have energy for, but there are several parts of my yard and garden that have been neglected for the past couple of years, and since I won’t be able to use the kitchen, I might as well be outside. Meanwhile, today, the big winter storm has so far been mostly a no-show. Some sleet, but nothing too bad (yet).

Starting Over

Thursday, 6 January 2011, 19:41 | Category : Gardening
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I mentioned that after having our house for sale, I was ready to get back to gardening for me. Us. Me. It will actually be even more of a blank slate, because of some foundation work we’re having done. I had planted some nandina on the side of the house to screen the air conditioner units, and like nandina often does, it got a little out of control. And the last summer’s drought had killed several azaleas I had planted on either side of the front entry. Over the past couple of days, the foundation guys have dug up all of the nandina, and the one remaining azalea. Use a little imagination with this picture:

This picture is about a dozen years old, taken not long after I’d removed a line of hollies that fronted the house, so take away the two small crepe myrtles flanking the sidewalk, and the small shrubs (also take away the gnome, who suffered an unfortunate accident one Halloween), and that’s where I’m back to. Blank slate. I’m looking forward to it, really. The foundation guys are being unbelievably neat, so things won’t be a mess when they’re gone. But it will be about a week before they finish, so I need to start planning.