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Fun With Paintshop

While I was waiting for a process to finish this afternoon on a test upgrade I was running, I went to a 6th-floor balcony of our office building and took a couple of shots of Mississippi’s Old Capitol dome. Here’s one of the pictures I took: Then I started playing with Paintshop Pro, and after […]

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Random Reading

Through my years of going to the library, I’ve observed that some days I can’t find anything I want to read. And some days, it seems like the books practically throw themselves off the shelves at me. Those are actually not much more enjoyable than the days when I can’t find anything to read. And […]

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…in the form of Mitch McConnell. If that man will just keep talking like he is now, the Republicans will be so hated that their gains this time may be completely rolled back next time. Hubris is apparently not a term with which he’s familiar. On the other hand, we know now what it takes […]

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Erick Erickson at Red State says our own Roger Wicker should be on the Tea Party’s hit list for 2012. I wasn’t aware anyone outside Mississippi even knew who Wicker was. It’s not like he’s been doing anything.

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The Song Remains The Same

After all the noise and haste of yesterday’s election, despite all the dire predictions and impassioned pleas and anger and foaming at the mouth – after all that, you’ll be relieved to know that the visits to this blog are still as they were. By far, the two big reasons that bring people here are: […]

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