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2008 Seems So Long Ago

All the projections I’m seeing say that next Tuesday the Republicans are going to take control of the House in something approaching a landslide, and may take the Senate. Which means that Wednesday morning, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will proceed to try to make Barack Obama into the most irrelevant president of our lifetime. […]

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Euphorbia “Diamond Frost”

This is my favorite new plant for 2010. I planted two of these in pots back in the spring, and they’ve flourished inthose pots all summer and into fall with very little care.  No fertilizer, and only occasional waterings.  They have bloomed all summer, and seem to be increasing now that fall is here.  A […]

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How Not To Find A Comet

-Get binoculars down from closet shelf – Check! -Get telescope out of workshop, set up in yard – Check! -Pick out low-power and medium-power eyepieces to avoid fumbling in eyepiece case in the dark – Check! -Position nice comfortable chair in location for best observing spot – Check! -Get up at 2:30 in the morning […]

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Carrying the Mail

Reading about yesterday’s action by the Postal Regulatory Agency, wherein they denied the postal service’s request to raise first-class rates from 44 cents to 46 cents, I started thinking that the post office is, and has been, getting a bad rap. When you step back from all the complaints, her’s what you see: For 44 […]

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