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A Little Consistency From The Tea Party, Please

The Tea Party idea springs from the Boston Tea Party, which protested taxation without representation. The modern-day Tea Partiers see themselves as inheritors of this independent American spirit – indeed, they like to don the tri-corner hats and wave “Don’t Tread On Me” flags, and walk around in patriot costumes. So I wondered – why […]

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New fishes

The goldfish pond is cleaned up, the pump is running, and this evening I added eight new little goldfish to the two over-wintering survivors. Maybe I can keep birds and bullfrogs and other carnivorous creatures away this time.

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Should I be nervous?

I checked Site Meter just now, and noticed that someone from came to my blog, based on teh search string “I hate Lotus Notes”, and found this post. I mean, it’s true, I do hate Lotus Notes, but still…

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April flowers

I took these pictures about two weeks ago, the daffodils are gone now and the tulips mostly so, but they made sitting on the deck in my front garden a very pleasant place in the early Mississippi spring. Tulips from above – my attempt at an artsy shot! I had a burst of inspiration one […]

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Coach K

John Feinstein has a nice read about Coach K and Duke (and Brad Stevens and Butler) at Feinstein On The Brink.

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