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Who Needs Health Care Reform?

Certainly not the insurance companies. You just made a $2.7 billion – with a “b” – profit in the last quarter, so what do you do? You raise rates 39%. What a great country we have!

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Strange Days

It’s been an unusual winter in central Mississippi, because for the first time in what seems like years, we’ve had winter. Some recent winters have seen only a few nights where temperatures got below freezing – which makes for a bumper crop of bugs the next spring. But we saw snow – very light, to […]

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End Of An Era

I’ve been a subscriber to US News And World Report for over 30 years. For all those years, it was my favorite news magazine. But the next issue will be my last. A few months back, US News changed from being a weekly magazine to a monthly, with “digital editions” in between the once-a-month print […]

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In The Garden

While Mississippi isn’t known for rocks, I do have some in my garden as accents. My in-laws own about 250 acres about 40 miles from my house. While wandering the property years ago, I found a small outcropping of some fairly large rocks, probably sandstone. I moved a few to my garden. Those rocks recently […]

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Scorched Earth In The Drug War

The Mississippi legislature this week passed a bill that makes pseudoephedrine available only by prescription. Unless some miraculous event causes him to rethink his position, Governor Barbour will sign the bill, and many will consider this a major step towards defeating the meth labs. I’m not one of them. Pseudoephedrine already was held behind pharmacy […]

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