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These little guys are all over my yard right now. I’ve seen at least five or six – there could be more, it’s hard to count them. And this one, at least, isn’t a “guy”, it’s a female Ruby-throated. Click on the pictures to see them larger.

September 26, 2009 · Harry · One Comment
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Journalism Then, Now, Later

I read an article today in the Chronicle of Higher Education that talked about how the nation’s journalism schools are filled to overflowing this year, even as journalism jobs are disappearing in droves. As I read the article, I thought about a report I heard recently – maybe on BBC World Service (to which I […]

September 23, 2009 · Harry · One Comment
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So What Were They Waving, Anyway?

During the President’s speech on health care, we were treated to the sight of several Republican congresspersons and senators standing and waving what was purportedly their health care “plan”, in response to Obama’s claim that the Republicans were offering no alternative. It turns out, they do have an alternative. It’s H.R 2520/S. 1099, the Patient’s […]

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We Needed A Study To Tell Us This?

People without health care coverage have a higher risk of death than those with coverage, according to a Harvard Medical School study, which found that more people die each day in the United States from lack of health care than from homicide and drunk-driving combined. But, covering those people would be socialism, which as we […]

September 18, 2009 · Harry · One Comment
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Farewell, Mary

Mary Travers died yesterday. She was the incredible female voice of Peter, Paul, and Mary. I grew up hearing their songs because my older sisters played them, so even though I was a little young during their early-mid-60s heyday, I loved their music, and have continued to listen to it through all these years. People […]

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