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NO! NO!! NO!! Mars will NOT look as big as the Moon!

Arrgh!!  It’s happening again!  The email hoax about Mars making it’s closest approach in a zillion years is going around again.  it’s happened each summer since 2003, when Mars did make a historically close approach. But as I wrote in 2007: “No! It won’t happen!! It can’t happen!!! No, not at all. Or, mostly not […]

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Sweet Autumn

My Sweet Autumn clematis is in full bloom now.  I love seeing this in bloom, both because I like the way it looks on the arbor, and because it signifies that we’re near the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.  Asters, chrysanthemums, football,  and those little candy pumpkins won’t be far behind! I […]

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Watching the Hummingbird

I was in the pool Saturday afternoon, cooling off after mowing.  At one end I’ve planted crepe myrtles, altheas, and cannas, and since that’s the deeper end, I tend to hang around there when I’m just hanging around in the pool.  And while hanging around there Saturday afternoon, I noticed a hummingbird working the cannas.  […]

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BBC World Service Is Ruining Me

I’ve always had sleep problems.  I’ve used a CPAP machine for eight years for sleep apnea, and I do sleep better than I did years ago.  But I still wake up almost every night in the wee hours, 2 or 3AM.  For a long time, I’ve kept a radio by the bed with a pillow […]

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there was this guy, a sort of aging baby boomer guy, not quite in step with most of those around him.  And he had this blog, a sort of little-bit-of-everything-not-much-of-nothing kind of blog, which he updated fairly regularly.  And then he sort of stopped, for a little while, which turned into a longer while, until […]

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