Operation Wren Nest

Wednesday, 11 June 2008, 9:31 | Category : Gardening
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A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a little wren seemed to be spending lots of time in my garage. After checking around, I discovered that she had built a nest behind some jars on top of a shelf just inside the garage door. By the time I found it, there was one egg in the nest. Knowing there was no way she could successfully raise a family inside our garage, since the door is closed most of the day and all night, I decided to risk moving the nest. But I didn’t want to scare her off, so I cleared away the jars, laid a bucket on it’s side, and then while she was out for the day I gently placed the nest inside the bucket, in the same location as the nest originally was. I left the bucket alone for a few days, until I was sure she had returned. By now there were four eggs inside. Next, I moved the bucket down a few feet to the top of a cabinet just below the shelves, and left it there for three days. After making sure she had stayed with the nest, I moved it about three feet away, but this time the bucket was outside the garage, on a stool that was about the same height as the cabinet top. Because of concern about the neighborhood cats, I only left the bucket in that location until I saw mama bird on the nest. When she left again, I moved it around the corner into this little nook between the garage and the house, left it there for a day, once again confirmed she was back with the nest, and then moved the bucket to it’s final location, under the eave of the house where the house and garage meet, well off the ground, in a sheltered location. She seems to be happy with it; after leaving it alone for two days I checked last night with a flashlight from several feet away, and was very happy to see two little wren eyes looking back at me.