Dubious Distinction

Friday, 22 December 2006, 20:10 | Category : BlogStuff
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If you Google “800-679-0336”, Kudzu Files comes up at number 7. To help out those who come this way because they’ve gotten those obnoxious calls, here’s the post you’re looking for. And no, I haven’t gotten any more calls.

It’s The Meers

Monday, 18 December 2006, 22:19 | Category : Geek Stuff
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I don’t quite get the TI DLP “It’s the mirrors” commercials. I mean, I get the mirrors part, the TV being DLP. The little girl is cute and all (although by this point, I wish she’d learn to get that other syllable in “mirrors”), but I don’t understand the elephant at all, and it shows up in every commercial, if I remember correctly. And it doesn’t dance or kick a football or anything. At least it doesn’t step on her foot.


Wednesday, 13 December 2006, 21:06 | Category : Poetry
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if my mind was in a creative mode
i’d write a poem about a thing
perhaps of leaves of red and gold
(though we don’t have so much red)
or winter sunsets that fade to black
so quickly that the stars are caught off guard
but on this night I’m not so sharp
as to write of things so profound
it’s easier to write about monkeys
except there’s none around