Strange Dreams

Tuesday, 23 November 2004, 19:54 | Category : Other Stuff
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I don’t generally spend much time trying to figure out my dreams, for two reasons: they’re often pretty fragmented and strange, and I rarely remember much about them beyond “that was kinda wierd”. BUt the other night, I had one that has stayed with me. Any of you into dream interpretation, have at it.

It started with the monkeys. I noticed that a neighbor a couple of houses down had these monkeys in their back yard. They were kept in by this high fence, but one kept running up this tall tree and trying to jump out far enough to clear the fence. He finally made it, but got hurt while he was landing. He laid there a little while in the grass, and then police and firemen and an ambulance showed up. My wife and I decided to walk down the street to see the goings-on. We walked past the house, and by the time we headed back, the police and firemen were gone. But then, three tigers came out of the house. They didn’t attack us, but they came right up and began nudging us, pretty hard. A kid came out of the and said he had called his father, who trained the tigers (this was apparently a circus family, I guess) to come get them back in, but meanwhile we had to start getting the tigers to do tricks, or they would get bored and attack us. So we were getting the tigers to roll over, play dead, stand on stools, that type of thing. And we were running out of ideas for tricks, and the trainer-dad wasn’t yet home. That’s when I woke up. End of dream.