And now, New Hampshire…

Wednesday, 21 January 2004, 19:05 | Category : Politics
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The news for John Kerry keeps getting better, and it’s coming at the expense of Howard Dean. That isn’t surprising, given the Iowa results, but it points up something I’ve been saying – that the only aspect of Howard Dean that many people ever warmed up to, was the belief that he was basically unstoppable. As soon as that bubble was burst, they began candidate-shopping again. This New Hampshire poll shows that the trend that began in Iowa a week ago, didn’t just occur in Iowa. Since January 9, Kerry’s numbers have gone 10-11-13-15-16-18-19-20-24, while Dean’s numbers have gone 36-34-32-29-28-28-28-26. It’s a virtual dead heat, as they say. And there’s 5 more days before the primary. Wes Clark has bounced around between 18 and 24 – he seems to be on a bit of a downward trend now. That isn’t surprising – he’s been pretty much the only show in town for the past 3 weeks, now he has company. John Edwards has climbed from 3% on January 9 to 9% now. With no real expectations to meet, New Hampshire has turned into a real softball for Edwards. Joe Lieberman, meanwhile, has dropped from around 10% to his current 7%. Not much encouragement there.

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