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Places At The Table

1960 – there are 100 places at the table. White men sit at all of them. As it should be. 1970 – there are 100 places at the table. White men sit at 99 of them. Change is good. 1980 – there are 100 places at the table. White men sit at 97 of them. […]

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You Better Start Swimming Or You’ll Sink Like A Stone

Many years ago, I was driving through the Mississippi Delta right after a storm front that dropped several inches of rain over a large area. Flood waters had risen along both sides of US 49. I came upon one farm where the cattle had been forced onto the few raised areas, far too small to […]

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I Hate Republicans

I hate Republicans. I used to say I didn’t really hate all Republicans, because there were some good people among them that I just disagreed with on political issues. But that was before they decided that the only thing that mattered was blind support of Donald Trump. Events like today’s hearing reveal people like Trey […]

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Donald Trump In The China Shop

I read recently that the objective of the Cold War was to defeat the Soviet Union, but the achievement was to build the West. We’ve lived with the concept of “the West” so long we’ve forgotten that, prior to 1945, there was no such concept. The geopolitical paradigm was very much the Old World and […]

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Please Don’t Stop Trying

When I was in Belfast 10 days ago, I saw the “peace wall” and got depressed. The progress I thought they had made really isn’t there. Basically, they’ve stopped killing each other, which is good, for sure, but you just get the feeling that it could all come crashing down with one incident. Our cab […]

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