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Return of the Bufflehead Ring-Necked Duck. Or Maybe It’s A Scaup.

There’s a pond that I often go by on my morning walks. Every year there’s at least one pair of mallard ducks that set up housekeeping and raise a family. Last year there were two families. But several years ago the mallards were joined by a small diving duck with a black head and black […]

January 27, 2016 · Harry · 2 Comments
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One Cold Hawk

Driving along the Natchez Trace this morning, this hawk was really standing out against the bare trees. It was cold, about 22 degrees F, and windy, but he didn’t seem overly bothered: One of the first photos with my new Fuji S4530 camera.

January 6, 2014 · Harry · No Comments
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A Garden Update

A few months ago, I had some trees in my neighbor’s yard cut down (with her permission!). They were trash trees that had grown up right along the fence line, and were throwing shade and dropping leaves into my pool. The area on my side of the fence (the north side) was very shady, and […]

August 14, 2013 · Harry · 5 Comments
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Another Winter With No Finches

For the third year in a row, I’ve had very few finches at my feeders this winter. I used to have clouds of finches, more like this, with plenty waiting their turn: But for some reason, the visits have stopped. My thistle feeder has barely been touched. Cardinals are there, chickadees, even a flicker makes […]

February 14, 2012 · Harry · No Comments
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So You’re A Very Young Blue Jay

You’re on your first day out of the nest, and you haven’t mastered this flying thing yet. Hopping around on the ground is not the smartest thing to do, with cats and stuff around, so you need to find a place where you can chill with a bit of anonymity. Where else would you go? […]

June 25, 2011 · Harry · 2 Comments
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