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Pilgrim’s progress

Sometimes the stranger you meet on this pilgrim’s journey through life is the person that others see you to be. Self-examination is often not the easiest thing to do. Some recent interactions have sent me down that winding path. For now, it’s expressing itself in a reluctance to post much on social media, and avoidance […]

November 10, 2019 · Harry · Comments Closed
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Ghost In The Garage

One of my garage doors has been occasionally jamming for a while. I’d figured out that the bottom roller on one side was for some reason working its way out of the back of the bracket and getting crosswise, so when it jammed again when we got home from a trip this weekend I decided […]

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Places At The Table

1960 – there are 100 places at the table. White men sit at all of them. As it should be. 1970 – there are 100 places at the table. White men sit at 99 of them. Change is good. 1980 – there are 100 places at the table. White men sit at 97 of them. […]

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Harassment/Misconduct/Criminal Behavior

Well, The Rock Test wasn’t what I was expecting (I was thinking “rock”, not “Rock”), but yes, it’s valid. This all has been yet another revelation in my life. It’s a bit like my experience with work/office affairs (no, I’ve never had one of those, that isn’t what I mean. And I’m not trying to […]

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Please Don’t Stop Trying

When I was in Belfast 10 days ago, I saw the “peace wall” and got depressed. The progress I thought they had made really isn’t there. Basically, they’ve stopped killing each other, which is good, for sure, but you just get the feeling that it could all come crashing down with one incident. Our cab […]

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