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The Moon-Spinners

This is strange, I guess, but a movie that has stuck with me since I was young is “The Moon-Spinners”. It came out when I was 10, starring Hayley Mills and Eli Wallach, but that isn’t why I remember it. … Continue reading

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Exit Stage Left

And that’s a wrap – after 43 years of working in IT, it all ended January 29. Quietly, I did my last actual work on Thursday documenting a few things. COVID caused the company owner to close the office in … Continue reading

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It’s hard to shed the feeling that a fundamental change has occurred, that “normal” won’t ever be normal again. At some point, we’ll come out of this, but how many small businesses and local restaurants will come out with us? … Continue reading

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Pilgrim’s progress

Sometimes the stranger you meet on this pilgrim’s journey through life is the person that others see you to be. Self-examination is often not the easiest thing to do. Some recent interactions have sent me down that winding path. For … Continue reading

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Ghost In The Garage

One of my garage doors has been occasionally jamming for a while. I’d figured out that the bottom roller on one side was for some reason working its way out of the back of the bracket and getting crosswise, so … Continue reading

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