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favre (färv):

1. To repeatedly change one’s mind about leaving a job (He said he was moving to Montana, but he favred)
2. To be indecisive to an extreem degree (She wanted either the red or the tan shoes, but she favred for two hours)

Coach K

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John Feinstein has a nice read about Coach K and Duke (and Brad Stevens and Butler) at Feinstein On The Brink.

3 Football Games In 80 Hours?

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What do you do when you have 3 major football games in the same stadium in an 80-hour stretch? You work pretty hard, pretty fast. That’s what the crew at the Georgiadome were faced with when they had the Peach Bowl, an NFL game between the Falcons and Tampa Bay, and the Sugar Bowl all over New Year’s weekend. And if you’re Atlanta Journal-Constitution Sports Photo Editor David Tulis, you think that it might be worth catching on video. So you pick a spot and set up a videocam to capture the process, and this is what you get. (Note that you may have to fill out an info form to get to the site, but it’s worth it)

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Waving The Flag Of Unreality

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From 1972, the year after the last 10-win season at Ole Miss, through 1998, the year before David Cutcliffe arrived at Oxford, Ole Miss football was 145-153-4. I don’t have their SEC record at hand but it was a losing record. They had 9 winning seasons during that stretch, 3 of which were 6-5. From 1964 until 1971, the overall record was 58-29. That was the last eight years under the great Johnny Vaught, who is the coach that’s caused problems for every Rebel coach since. David Cutcliffe compiled a record of 44-29 during his six seasons. No coach since Johnny Vaught has come close to that mark. But he didn’t return Ole Miss to the “glory days”, which took place during a short six-year stretch in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Ask a typical Ole Miss fan how many SEC championships the Rebels won during Archie’s career, and they’ll probably tell you they won a couple. In reality, they weren’t even close. Their records were 7-3-1, 8-3, and 7-4. About what Cutcliffe did, except for last season’s 10-3 mark, in which they came closer to an SEC title than at any point since 1963. David Cutcliffe’s Rebels fell to 4-7 this year. In 1964, after a 7-1-2 mark in 1963, Johnny Vaught’s Rebels dropped to 5-5-1. Vaught was kept on; Cutcliffe was fired. Cutcliffe was fired because he couldn’t take Ole Miss back to that lofty position that they only occupied once, for a brief period nearly half a century ago.