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They Said There Would Be Snow

OK, they (the weather people) said there might be snow, and sleet, and freezing rain. They said there would definitely be a mix of some of that, and it would be nasty. If snow, maybe 4″ (don’t laugh, that qualifies as a blizzard in Mississippi); if ice, possibly up to an inch accumulation. That would […]

January 9, 2011 · Harry · 3 Comments
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Thoughts On Winter

Winter in Mississippi is different from winter further north.  The low tonight is forecast to be 18F.  It rarely gets that low – maybe two or three times a year – and honestly, we don’t know what to do about it.  After we’ve put the faucet covers on, we’re pretty much clueless.  When it gets […]

December 13, 2010 · Harry · One Comment
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It’s raining. So, you say? It’s been dry, you see. Very dry. Starting in late July, the rains stopped here in Mississippi. Officially, in August, it rained a good bit, but most of that official total came during two spot showers at the airport, where the official amount is recorded. At my house, it rained […]

November 2, 2010 · Harry · No Comments
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Strange Days

It’s been an unusual winter in central Mississippi, because for the first time in what seems like years, we’ve had winter. Some recent winters have seen only a few nights where temperatures got below freezing – which makes for a bumper crop of bugs the next spring. But we saw snow – very light, to […]

February 15, 2010 · Harry · No Comments
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Ice On The Pond

Driving to church this morning, I realized that I was seeing something you hardly ever see here – ice on the surface of streams and ponds. Granted, it was a thin layer, but it just never happens. You’ll sometimes see some icing along the stream bank, or at the edge of a pond, but this […]

January 10, 2010 · Harry · No Comments
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