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The Wisdom Of The Oak

I’m not one to put stock in things like the Farmer’s Almanac long-range forecasts. I don’t pay attention to which way the wooly bears are crossing the road, or what their stripes look like. In the interest of fairness to … Continue reading

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The Southern Way Of Cold

We’re coming out of the record or near-record cold snap today. Brief though it was, it really threw many of us Southerners for a loop. In my part of Mississippi, we’ll see lows in the 20s fairly often in winter … Continue reading

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More Rain Equals Happy Plants

Two days of off-and-on rains ended up dropping 1.4″ of rain on my garden. Walking around last night and this morning, I saw plants that were much, much happier than they were a couple of days ago, both from the … Continue reading

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Not much, just 1/4 inch, but that’s more than I’ve had on my garden in 49 days. And there’s a chance of a bit more tomorrow. So I’ll take it. At least I won’t have to run the sprinklers for … Continue reading

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One Year In 2 Minutes

A very cool video from Oslo, Norway… One year in 2 minutes from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

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