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Greenhouse Lessons

With all the gardening I’ve done, one thing I’ve never had is a greenhouse. Last fall, a friend told me about a closeout sale at Tractor Supply – what looked like a nice, small (6’x 8′) greenhouse, one of those with a metal frame and a mesh covering. It was less than half price, and […]

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A Garden Update

A few months ago, I had some trees in my neighbor’s yard cut down (with her permission!). They were trash trees that had grown up right along the fence line, and were throwing shade and dropping leaves into my pool. The area on my side of the fence (the north side) was very shady, and […]

August 14, 2013 · Harry · 5 Comments
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It’s All About The Asters

While I always pick up a few chrysanthemums from garden centers this time of year, the stars of my garden are the asters and Clara Curtis chrysanthemum (although I’ve read that Clara has been reclassified as a dendrathemum). The asters have spread to where I have small masses scattered through my beds: and more: and […]

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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I’ve been meaning to get in on Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day at May Dreams Garden for several months, but my ingrained practice of putting things off means I’ve not remembered to actually take any pictures until today. And, of course, with the drought and the recent heat, there isn’t that much blooming. And my flowers […]

August 15, 2012 · Harry · 3 Comments
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Garden Update

I intended to be much better at posting, but you know what they say about the road to Hell. My vegetable garden got off to a late start this year, due mainly to my tearing a tendon in my ankle the day before New Year’s. That kept me from being able to do much outside […]

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