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Too early for pumpkins?

What happens when you chop up your Halloween jack-o-lanterns and toss them in the compost bin (yes, there's a 3-foot high bin under there) A post shared by Harry Boswell (@hboswell54) on May 16, 2017 at 11:28am PDT

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Garden Update – A Year’s Difference

A little over a year ago, I posted about a new perennial bed I’d made in the back. Now it’s a year down the road, and you can see the difference a year makes in the life of a garden. Here’s an original photo: and the same shot this morning, about 14 months later: Another […]

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Unexpected Bloom

I do believe I have a dahlia blooming. I’d forgotten about these, picked them up in the clearance bin at Walmart in May.

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Using Old Potting Soil

I’m emptying/refreshing a bunch of pots this year, and I’ve gotten quite a bit of used potting soil. What should I do with it? I’ve thought of 4 possibilities: 1) Add it to the compost pile. My concern here is that it might “overwhelm” the compost, unless I could find lots of green stuff to […]

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The Night Zone 8 Came Home

Gardening in central Mississippi is, or can be, close to a year-round endeavor. If you’re willing to endure a bit of cold weather, it’s possible to have something blooming at any time of the year. Pansies, one of the most-poorly named flowers out there, can easily take nights in the mid-20s and keep right on […]

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