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Way, way back in the beginning of the World Wide Web days, there was this website called The Spot. At first we weren’t sure what it was, but soon realized it was basically web-based soap opera. It was somewhat entertaining … Continue reading

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Weekly Conference Call Hell

So once again I’m sitting here on the weekly conference call for this one project I’m on.  This is one of those projects that makes me a firm believer in past lives and karma, and also that in a past … Continue reading

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McDonald’s New Bacon Clubhouse Burger Judged, Found…

no better than their other burgers, unfortunately. It amazes me how a chain that is synonymous with “burger” has such terrible hamburgers. The basic single hamburger is the best burger on their menu, and that’s because it’s that one with … Continue reading

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The Tree Spirits of St. Simon’s Island

St. Simon’s Island is one of those lesser-known gems of the southeast United States. It sits about an hour north of Jacksonville, beside Brunswick, Georgia. It’s a beautiful little island community that has somehow escaped the overbuilding and commercialism that … Continue reading

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Battle Of The Post-Apocalyptic Survivor Groups

I’m one of many (12 million+) who love “The Walking Dead”. I’m also one of the much smaller group (about 6 million) that also watches “Revolution”. Both post-apocalyptic dramas, one features civilization’s end brought on by zombies brought to life … Continue reading

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