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Walking Man Update

An update to an earlier post from September, 2014: I’ve continued to walk. Since August 2014, I’ve walked 3,146 miles – 6,768,965 steps; I’ve worn out 4 pairs of shoes; and I’ve seen lots of things and thought about many … Continue reading

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Return of the Bufflehead Ring-Necked Duck. Or Maybe It’s A Scaup.

There’s a pond that I often go by on my morning walks. Every year there’s at least one pair of mallard ducks that set up housekeeping and raise a family. Last year there were two families. But several years ago … Continue reading

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School’s Out….

One of my regular walking routes goes around the old “downtown” of my little suburban town. I say “downtown” because it’s small, and because there really never was much of a downtown. No village square, no real Main Street, although … Continue reading

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Walking Man

About 9 years ago, I started walking in the morning before work. I hadn’t exactly been slothful before that, but I hadn’t approached walking as a regular form of exercise. For several years, I was pretty consistent, walking 2-3 miles … Continue reading

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Sunset On The Gulf

I’ve been on the Mississippi coast last week and again this week for training.  This evening as the sun was setting I decided to walk along the beach, taking my camera along.  This was my first shot: (Click on the … Continue reading

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