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Perception Is Nine-Tenths Of Reality, Unless It’s More

There once a mayor of a certain city who was beset on all sides by people talking about high crime in the city, dysfunctional city departments, problems everywhere.  The city was actually in fairly good shape in most areas, but … Continue reading

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The Lords Of The Manor Aren’t Happy

From this article in Slate: “In today’s topsy-turvy job market, a strange new thing is happening. Employers are increasingly grumbling about job seekers “ghosting” them. These job candidates just don’t show up for their scheduled interviews. And in some cases, … Continue reading

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Periodically I wander through the few active blogs on my blogroll (is that term still in use?) to see if they’re still truly active, and to see if their blogrolls lead to anything interesting. I did stumble on to something … Continue reading

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Uncertain Loss

She divorced him long ago but when he died she felt a loss that she didn’t quite understand Perhaps a dream that had lived on as half a life, as a whisper in the night that was forever gone She … Continue reading

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Way, way back in the beginning of the World Wide Web days, there was this website called The Spot. At first we weren’t sure what it was, but soon realized it was basically web-based soap opera. It was somewhat entertaining … Continue reading

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